• 12″ x 15″ Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and Art Stix on Strathmore Britsol Vellum

icon_artArt is at the center of everything I do. It is the base on which every print piece and website is built on. But it is also the fun, inspiring side of ChromAddict. You can purchase original pieces, prints, and products in my online store. So go explore!

icon_printPrint – that’s a big category. And I’ve done elegant but simple stationery sets to complicated brochures with special papers and die-cuts. What makes print so great is that usually you get to touch it and keep it. It is a physical reminder of your business, so let’s make it fantastic!

icon_webThe internet is now where most of us get our news, check in with family and friends and download the latest must-read. Your business needs a website that not only provides information, but interacts. But you want it to be easy to update and still look like your brand. I say, let’s get started!